Several directions of future curtain wall development

Several directions of future curtain wall development

From the UV plywood curtain wall in the early 20th century to the intelligent curtain wall in the 21st century, the curtain wall industry has experienced a long and challenging development process. With the continuous development and innovation of construction technology, the curtain wall industry is also gradually changing. In the future, the curtain wall industry will still develop in some new directions, mainly focusing on the following aspects:

1. Green, energy-saving and intelligent

Driven by environmental protection and energy saving, more and more attention has been paid to the materials and design of curtain walls. The application of green environmental protection materials and intelligent control system makes the curtain wall not only have better thermal insulation performance and sound insulation effect, but also can effectively reduce building energy consumption.

2. Self-cleaning, anti-ultraviolet

In order to reduce maintenance costs, curtain wall manufacturers have begun to develop self-cleaning and anti-ultraviolet materials. These materials not only have antifouling and antibacterial functions, but also can automatically decompose harmful substances in the air, improving the environmental quality of buildings.

3. New materials

Traditional curtain wall materials such as glass, metal and stone are still the mainstream, but new materials have also begun to emerge in the market. For example, the application of materials such as carbon fiber, ultra-high-strength steel and graphene can make the curtain wall thinner and stronger.

4. Personalization and customization

With the upgrading of consumption and diversification of design requirements, the trend of personalization and customization in the curtain wall industry continues to strengthen. Manufacturers provide customers with more personalized designs and perfect execution effects through technological innovation and customized services.